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    1 year ago

    Perennial Favorite


    WIthout a doubt the most SEEKed item on Shopperseeks is Turquoise Hunter Rainboots.  We try our best to find them.  At one point, we bought every pair we could find.  Sadly, they are few and far between.  Hunter even put out a new shade of turquoise in the UK and we found them and directed many SEEKers to them.  Those are no longer available. 

    What we do know is that a fun bright pair of wellies takes away the gloom of wet weather.  So though it’s getting harder and harder to find these lovely boots, there are still plenty of fabulous options and let you jump in those puddles like when you were a kid. 

    Here are some of our favorites: 

    Napa Flex Classic Turquoise Rain Bootimage

    Napa Flex Classic in Turquoise, currently $82.99 on Zappos.com.  This one also comes in wide widths as well as some other fun colors like bright pink!

    Dirty Laundry Rain Check

    Dirty Laundry Rain Check!  We love these because of the hidden wedge.  They also come in a bunch of fun colors.  Note: reviewers said they are a bit slim in the calves, so if you have athletic calves you might want to stay away.  On sale for $53.99 at Zappos.com.

    Diesel La Knee-High Boot

    Diesel La Knee-High Boot These are a solid basic Wellie in Turquoise.  You can find them on Amazon. 


    Mint Hunter Rainboots!  If your a size 5, then hurry over to Piperlime to pick these up.  Unfortunately, all other sizes are currently out of stock. Or it looks like Hunter now has these on their site!

    What are your favorite boots to weather a storm?

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    Spotted this on Pinterest.  Thought it would help all of our Shoe SEEKers to describe what they SEEK! 
Thanks, Big Papa’s Kitchen, for the guide! 

    Spotted this on Pinterest.  Thought it would help all of our Shoe SEEKers to describe what they SEEK! 

    Thanks, Big Papa’s Kitchen, for the guide! 

  3. 2 years ago

    Halloween Haunt

    It’s creeping just around the corner! That’s right only two weeks until Halloween! Do you have your costume ideas yet? This article from Huffington Post has some great do-it-yourself ideas. Check it out here. I won best costume two years consecutively in high school. First for being a picnic table, then for being a shower (as seen in the original Karate Kid for those who have seen it). There are a lot of easy, clever do-it-yourself ideas out there, but who actually has time to think of one!

    That’s what places like Party City or Halloween Express are for. Their websites say that top couples costumes include Batman and Catwoman, characters from The Avengers, and cowboy and cowgirl.  These may seem a little cheesy, but hey they’re classic costumes! 

    This costume can be found at Party City here

    If you’re going for a sexier, less cookie cutter look, this outfit could make for a great costume! Add a mask and some cat ears and you’re Catwoman! Find it on shopperseeks!

    Check back for more Halloween ideas all week!  

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    Gorgeous not gory: Oxblood!

    One of Fall’s hottest colors is Oxblood!  Here’s a round up of some favorites! 
    Oxblood by shopperseeks featuring high heels

    Oxblood looks great paired with black, gray or green!